Herby Industrie SAS

Herby, leader on the French clothes dryer market
Subsidiary of the European group LEIFHEIT.

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Herby Industrie Exterieur SAS

Herby Industry,
leader on the French clothes dryer market

Herby develops, manufactures and sells dryers produced in its French factory in la Loupe (28).
We produce more than one million dryers per year.

We are based in la Loupe, in Eure and Loir, 90 minutes to the South West of Paris. The company employs approximately 100 employees and temps. Herby is the owner of « Tancarville » brand.


Herby in figures

Our 2021 turnover was at the level of 13 million € and has progressed over the last 5 years. We estimate that our market share in France is approximately 35%.
Herby is a fully owned subsidiary of the Leifheit group, which is quoted on the German S-Dax stock exchange.
All business functions are based at our La Loupe factory and head office, enabling Herby to be both autonomous and agile.
80% of our production is under Private label brand for major distributors. The remaining 20% is under « Tancarville » or « Leifheit » brand.

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Key corporate dates

Herby company is created in Paris area
Ouverture de l'usine à la Loupe
Company renamed Herby Industrie with switch in focus towards Private label production
Starting up of the injection molding activities
Herby purchased by Leifheit AG
Development of product range and customer base
New industrial footprint

Herby Industry,
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Our ethos is to build long term partnerships, based upon our expertise and reliability.

A solid Business model

We develop direct B2B relationships with our customer base and manage all business processes from product development, through manufacturing and logistics.
Our lean and fully integrated organization enables us to maintain best in class customer service levels.

Our lean and fully integrated organisation enables us to maintain best in class customer service levels.

HERBY Industrie recherche

Research & Development

HERBY Industrie service client

Sales administration

HERBY Industrie équipe

Executive management

HERBY Industrie achat

Purchasing & Manufacturing

Corporate Social Responsibility

Herby Indsutrie has been in existence for over 70 years.
We are currently the only manufacturer of drying racks in France and we employ around one hundred people in Eure-et-Loir at our site in La Loupe.

Employee turnover is extremely low (<5%) and the long serving workforce (average experience = 15 years) is fully engaged and proficient. Our philosophy is to find solutions to keep in work employees in case of medical restrictions or handicaps.

HERBY Industrie work

Environmental matters

Dryers are products with a life span of +/- 10 years and are energy free, in contrast with electric laundry dryers.

Our products are manufactured in our factory in France which is located in the heart of the French market (Centre Val de Loire region), enabling us to efficiently manage transport costs. All waste is processed via approved recycling channels.

herby industrie recycling A

95% recyclable

The steel, plastic and packaging materials used in our dryer manufacturing are all fully recyclable.

herby industrie recycling 2

Recycled material

Steel and packaging materials used are predominantly recycled material and Herby is also currently starting to use recycled plastic material for its injection molding process.

herby industrie recycling 3

100% plastic recycling

All the process scrap from plastic injection molding is reused and recycled.

Our partners

For over 25 years, our loyal customers have been mainly large-scale food and DIY companies.
We also supply the e-commerce industry with unit packaging.

Over the last 10 years we have progressively developped our export activities and 20% of our turnover is now export based, principally in Northern Europe. We deliver Private solutions in Europe to Blokker in the Dutch market and also the Kingfisher group.

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