Industrial and logistics expertise

Industrial and logistics expertise

Our industrial success is based upon a number of key enablers.

Innovation through new product development activities

Our R&D department regularly develops new and exclusive products for our customers.
Prototype development, manufacture and validation takes place on site in our lab.

Ready to serve you !

Our sales team is based at our factory and links up directly with our technical teams in order to propose to you the most adapted product solutions to your needs.

Industrial Know How

Our 10 000m2 factory runs on a 2 shift basis throughout the year (no shutdowns), or if necessary on a 3 shift basis, in times of high seasonality.

Regular investments have been made to update and automate production processes , whilst also remaining flexible enough to provide varied product solutions to our customers.

All process steps are integrated within our La Loupe factory.

We have a dedicated wire straightening workshop and are able to work with wire between 2.7mm and 5.6mm.
Our 3 tube lines give us the flexibility to create different shapes and sizes, allowing for product differentiation.
We have two welding machine technologies: high speed for large production runs, lower speed but fast set up for small production runs.

%Herby Industrie%Nous sommes un des rares fabricants à maîtriser à la fois la peinture époxy et la plastification.
Nous sommes capables d’offrir une multitude de coloris en peinture, grâce à une cabine à changement de teinte rapide et nous fournissons des grilles plastifiées blanches ou noires.

HERBY Industrie moulage

L’entreprise a intégré l’injection plastique sur son site il y a une quinzaine d’années.
Cela nous permet d’assurer un excellent niveau de service et d’appuyer nos activités de recherche et de développement de nouveaux produits.
Nous disposons d’une dizaine de presses à injection, allant de 80T à 650T, ce qui permet d’injecter des petites pièces pour l’assemblage du séchoir, ainsi que des pièces de plus grand format.

%Herby Industrie%
Our 6 final assembly conveyors allow all components to be assembled by product family.

%Herby Industrie%
We have on site a 2500m2 warehouse which supports our ‘make to stock’ production model and provide 99% service level. This warehouse space also gives us the ability to manage seasonality and promotional activities.

Ensuring Quality performance

Zone de production Herby Industrie

Our quality system is based upon the ISO9001 norm.

Quality controls are carried out and formalized at every production step, before final packing. Specific durability tests are carried out on a sampling basis in our labo.

Zone qualité Herby Industrie

Notre taux de réclamation client est inférieur à 100 PPM.

Directions for Use and assembly instructions ensure customer satisfaction and enable products to be used in optimal conditions.
Tous nos produits sous marque Tancarville sont garantie 5 ans.

Recent new product awards over the last years

Grés d'or 2016

Reddot award 2017

Herby Industrie reddot

étoile observeur design 2017

Herby Industrie Etoile 2017

Logistics Performance

Our industrial flexibility enables us to ship to our customers within 48-72 hours after order..
Our on site warehouse enables us to ‘make to stock’ and ensure this logistics performance, also for high volume promotions.
Our 2020 service level was at 98% , in spite of the impact of Covid on supply chain.
On a yearly basis we ship out 30 000 pallets, and issue 5000 delivery notes.
Product packaging is optimised to ensure product protection and optimise transport costs.

HERBY Industrie logistique 2

We have developed an exclusive single product packaging solution, which is SIOC certified, and can ensure e-commerce deliveries.

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